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October 19, 2020
Coalition to hold stand-out in support of families outside Holyoke Soldiers� Home hearing at Holyoke Community College

October 15, 2020
Former Soldiers� Home superintendent, medical director scheduled for arraignment on criminal neglect charges

October 3, 2020
Soldiers� Home Coalition seeks to create virtual memorial to COVID-19 victims

October 2, 2020
Bennett Walsh defends actions at Soldiers' Home as he resigns over deadly COVID-19 outbreak

October 2, 2020
Bennett Walsh resigns as Soldiers' Home superintendent; suit over firing dropped

September 30, 2020
Soldiers� Home trustees mull best version of �reimagined� facility post-COVID-19 crisis; indicted staffers discussed privately

September 29, 2020
Soldiers� Home Trustees chairman says indictments of superintendent, former medical director will not change discussions during this week�s special meeting

September 25, 2020
'More to come�: AG Maura Healey says other long-term care facilities under scrutiny after Holyoke Soldiers� Home investigation yields charges

September 25, 2020
�Very difficult memories�: Coalition, relatives of Holyoke Soldiers� Home veterans react to criminal charges in deadly COVID-19 outbreak

September 25, 2020
'They were the ultimate decision makers�: Attorney General Maura Healey explains charges in Holyoke Soldiers� Home COVID outbreak

September 25, 2020
Former Superintendent Bennett Walsh and former medical director David Clinton facing criminal indictments in veteran deaths at Holyoke Soldiers' Home

September 25, 2020
Soldiers� Home deaths result in criminal neglect indictments for Superintendent Bennett Walsh, former medical director David Clinton

September 23, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home Coalition weighs in on future designs for upgraded facility

September 22, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home Board of Trustees to hold special meeting about judge�s ruling on Bennett Walsh firing

September 22, 2020
Firing of Holyoke Soldiers� Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh was �invalid�, judge rules

September 13, 2020
Plight of Holyoke Soldiers� Home residents, families becomes political flashpoint in state Senate race

September 9, 2020
Family visits at Holyoke Soldiers� Home suspended again after employee tests positive for COVID-19

August 18, 2020
Massachusetts takes steps to redo virus-ravaged vets� home [PDF]

July 30, 2020
6 staff at Holyoke Soldiers� Home test positive for COVID-19; all staff, residents to be tested

July 28, 2020
Soldiers� Home suspending visits after veteran who recovered from coronavirus tests positive again

July 24, 2020
Attorney for ousted Holyoke Soldiers� Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh knocks federal lawsuit over COVID-19 deaths

July 23, 2020
Attorney for ousted Holyoke Soldiers� Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh decries �poison� spread by Gov. Charlie Baker administration over COVID-19 response

July 22, 2020
Three municipal boards throw support behind Holyoke Soldiers� Home Coalition after COVID-19 crisis

July 20, 2020
Attorney for ousted Holyoke Soldiers� Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh announces press conference

July 17, 2020
$176 million lawsuit filed over Holyoke Soldiers� Home coronavirus outbreak; Bennett Walsh, Francisco Urena among defendants

July 17, 2020
6 Western Massachusetts lawmakers named to committee investigating deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Holyoke Soldiers� Home

July 15, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home trustees pass resolutions in light of mismanagement that led to 76 COVID-19 deaths of veterans

July 14, 2020
Lawmakers hear testimony on bill to improve Holyoke Soldiers� Home following deadly COVID-19 outbreak

July 2, 2020
State legislators form joint oversight committee to probe coronavirus outbreak at Holyoke Soldiers� Home that killed 76

July 1, 2020
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says fate of Holyoke Soldiers� Home trustees held up by legalities after veteran deaths

June 29, 2020
�You have no authority to take this action�: Attorney for Holyoke Soldiers� Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh disputes firing by Gov. Charlie Baker, health Secretary Marylou Sudders

June 25, 2020
Gov. Charlie Baker calls for �significantly more direct oversight� at Holyoke Soldiers� Home following 76 COVID-19 deaths

June 25, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home investigation: 6 takeaways from Mark Pearlstein report on coronavirus outbreak

June 25, 2020
Gov. Baker proposes changes in management, operation of Holyoke Soldiers� Home

June 25, 2020
Sweeping rebuke of Holyoke Soldiers� Home leadership, state officials contained in report probing COVID-19 crisis that left 76 veterans dead

June 24, 2020
Read the report: Investigator�s review of coronavirus outbreak at Holyoke Soldiers� Home

June 24, 2020
With report on Holyoke Soldiers� Home coronavirus outbreak on the horizon, Secretary of Veterans� Services Francisco Ure�a resigns

June 23, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home renovation advocates draw loud support in first public demonstration

June 22, 2020
First of several planned stand-outs for advocates of the Holyoke Soldiers� Home to take place Tuesday

June 20, 2020
Families, veterans groups and services organize to make sure Holyoke Soldier�s Home debacle does not happen again

June 18, 2020
All surviving Holyoke Soldiers� Home veterans diagnosed with COVID-19 have recovered

June 17, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home advocates ramp up efforts for reform as veterans, staff struggle to rebound from deadly COVID-19 outbreak

June 16, 2020
Family of Holyoke Soldiers� Home veteran who survived COVID-19 saddened by first family visit

June 15, 2020
Soldiers� Homes begin accepting visitors this week: Here are the guidelines for outdoor visits

June 14, 2020
Soldiers� Home retired superintendent rallying support for expansion, renovation

June 11, 2020
Baker stands by timeline for when he learned about coronavirus deaths at Holyoke Soldiers Home as reports question when administration knew

June 9, 2020
Soldiers� Home stabilizes from coronavirus outbreak, former superintendent urges reconstruction of facility

May 26, 2020
Bennett Walsh, suspended superintendent of Holyoke Soldiers� Home, releases emails showing pleas for help as coronavirus infected veterans

May 26, 2020
Suspended Holyoke Soldiers Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh releases documents showing he informed state of coronavirus outbreak

May 26, 2020
Mass. probe into Holyoke Soldiers� Home coronavirus deaths expected to wrap up soon, Gov. Baker says

May 25, 2020
Holyoke honors the fallen in virtual Memorial Day tribute; Soldiers� Home in forefront

May 22, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home marks somber Memorial Day

May 22, 2020
Soldiers� Home virtual Memorial Day observance honoring vets where 74 residents died of coronavirus

May 22, 2020
In memory of those lost: Photographer honors veterans at Holyoke Soldiers� Home who died of COVID-19

May 20, 2020
Holyoke police get $116K for anti-coronavirus gear; City Council revisits clean energy study grant

May 20, 2020
Soldiers� Home, hit hard by coronavirus, plans �virtual� Memorial Day tribute

May 20, 2020
Staffing concerns predated coronavirus outbreak at Holyoke Soldiers� Home

May 18, 2020
Soldiers Home study shows staffing levels inadequate to fight coronavirus spread, but met state, federal rules

May 12, 2020
Soldiers� Home administrators to change, capacity to shrink due to coronavirus

May 10, 2020
Soldiers� Home administrators move toward �recovery phase� as coronavirus infection rate stabilizes

May 8, 2020
Soldiers� Home veteran dies of COVID-19; raises total to 73

May 6, 2020
Brighton Marines donate 350 iPads so veterans at Holyoke, Chelsea soldiers� homes can connect with families

May 6, 2020
Soldiers� Home reports another COVID-19 death; total rises to 72

May 3, 2020
Coronavirus at Holyoke Soldiers home stabilizing, no new deaths, infections reported

May 3, 2020
�They can�t ignore staffing issues�: Years before coronavirus outbreak, Soldiers� Home leaders pressed state for more funding

April 30, 2020
No new deaths at the Holyoke Soldiers Home

April 30, 2020
One more veteran death tied to coronavirus at Holyoke Soldiers� Home; 71 dead amid COVID-19 outbreak

April 29, 2020
Death toll hits 70 in coronavirus outbreak at Holyoke Soldiers� Home

April 28, 2020
Soldiers Home: 2 more veterans die in worst outbreak at health care facility nationwide

April 27, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home superintendent assured Board of Trustees members of plans for staffing, prevention of COVID-19

April 27, 2020
1 veteran dies, number infected stabilizing

April 26, 2020
Additional veteran dies, infection remains stable over 3 days

April 25, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home COVID-19 death rate increases by one overnight

April 25, 2020
Former prosecutor probing Holyoke Soldiers� Home COVID-19 outbreak has 'free rein�, no deadline, Gov. Charlie Baker says

April 24, 2020
Five more COVID-19 deaths linked to Holyoke Soldiers� Home; total now at 62

April 23, 2020
Soldiers Home: Number of positive results for COVID-19 steady, 2 veterans die overnight

April 23, 2020
State inspector general began investigation into Holyoke Soldiers� Home weeks before residents were infected with COVID-19

April 22, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home: 3 more residents die, 93 infected

April 22, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home Trustees hires lawyer as nearly 70% of veterans infected with COVID-19

April 20, 2020
Soldiers� Home: Flags to fly at half-staff after at least 52 vetrans die of COVID-19

April 19, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home: At least 50 now dead of COVID-19

April 18, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home death toll increases by 1 overnight

April 17, 2020
3 more dead, increased infections reported at Holyoke Soldiers� Home

April 16, 2020
State officials found COVID-19 spread throughout Holyoke Soldiers� Home in 1st inspection

April 16, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home deaths reach 44, 6 die COVID-19 in 24-hours

April 15, 2020
Court hearing to delay firing of Holyoke Soldiers� Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh postponed

April 15, 2020
Two more Holyoke Soldiers� Home veterans have died, 65% of residents test positive

April 14, 2020
Nearly two-thirds of veterans contracted COVID-19, 36 dead

April 13, 2020
1 more veteran dead at Holyoke Soldiers� Home: 88 residents, 78 employees test positive for COVID-19

April 12, 2020
Coronavirus infections continue to rise at Holyoke Soldiers� Home, 1 more veteran dies

April 11, 2020
Court blocks trustees meeting to fire Superintendent Bennett Walsh over COVID-19 deaths

April 11, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers Home coronavirus rate remains stable Saturday

April 10, 2020
Half the Holyoke Soldiers� Home veterans have contracted COVID-19, 30 dead

April 10, 2020
U.S. Attorney�s Office launches federal probe into deaths at Holyoke Soldiers� Home

April 9, 2020
Soldiers� Home: State got daily updates after first COVID-19 case identified, suspended superintendent says

April 9, 2020
Coronavirus leaves four more veterans dead, seven more infected with COVID-19 at Holyoke Soldiers Home

April 8, 2020
AG Maura Healey launches her own investigation into Holyoke Soldiers� Home

April 8, 2020
2 more Holyoke Soldiers� Home veterans died of suspected COVID-19, 68 staff test positive

April 7, 2020
�He�s in the fight of his life,� daughter says of 99-year-old father

April 6, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers Home staff infected with COVID-19 increases to 31, additional veteran dies

April 5, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers Home residents struggle with relocation as one-third of residents infected with COVID-19

April 4, 2020
Number of coronavirus-related deaths at Holyoke, Chelsea Soldiers� Homes continues to rise

April 3, 2020
Healthy Holyoke Soldiers� Home residents being evacuated to Holyoke Medical Center

April 2, 2020
Western Massachusetts legislators call for 2nd investigation into Holyoke Soldiers� Home COVID-19 deaths

April 1, 2020
Gov. Charlie Baker appoints independent investigator to examine Holyoke Soldiers� Home in wake of COVID-19 deaths

March 31, 2020
fallout: �These 7 cases are only the beginning'; Warning of veterans dying at Holyoke Soldiers� Home took days to get to Gov. Charlie Baker

March 31, 2020
at Holyoke Soldiers Home: Family members say they were left in the dark as sickness spread

March 30, 2020
Holyoke Soldiers� Home superintendent placed on leave, at least 5 residents die from COVID-19
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