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June 2, 2015:
Preventing panhandling in Holyoke

June 2, 2015:
Holyoke Council topics include panhandling, Gary Rome Hyundai requests

May 27, 2015:
Holyoke residents with private systems should be excluded from water runoff fees: Reader viewpoint

May 26, 2015:
Attorney general declines investigation of Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse separation agreement with ex-solicitor

May 20, 2015:
Holyoke Council grants zone change for $10 million Gary Rome Hyundai project

May 15, 2015:
Holyoke Council agrees to tap reserves for $375,000 for snow-removal bills -
Linda Vacon is lone dissenting vote

May 12, 2015:
Holyoke Council OK sought for $10 million Gary Rome Hyundai dealership

May 11, 2015:
Holyoke Councilors to consider auto-dealer zone changes including Gary Rome Hyundai

May 7, 2015:
Holyoke Hotel site revamp begins as homeless families relocated

May 6, 2015:
Holyoke Council opts to let voters decide officials' terms

May 1, 2015:
Hotel/retail development will add jobs and property taxes

April 30, 2015:
Holyoke Council asks attorney general to investigate separation agreement

April 30, 2015:
Holyoke arrangement on county treatment center not subject to Council vote

April 28, 2015:
Process of relocating alcohol treatment center to Holyoke lacked transparency: Letter to the Editor

April 23, 2015:
Nearby tenants meet with Sheriff Ashe over future of Alcohol Correctional Center

April 22, 2015:
Holyoke neighborhood meeting set on plan for treatment center at Geriatric Authority

April 22, 2015:
Holyoke Hotel to become retail site with Applebee's, hotels, stores

April 16, 2015:
Holyoke leases ex-Geriatric site to county for treatment center

April 15, 2015:
Holyoke boards close public hearings on Gary Rome dealership, residential zone-change bids

April 9, 2015:
Holyoke Board of Health lists public water fluoridation as discussion topic

April 8, 2015:
Holyoke Council majority sides with Diocese arguments on Polish historic district issue

March 31, 2015:
Holyoke hearing on Gary Rome Hyundai plan questioned on city abutter notification

March 29, 2015:
Holyoke councilors to consider fluoridation, discarded needles, unstable buildings

March 26, 2015:
Holyoke sets hearing on Gary Rome Hyundai plan for Whiting Farms Road

March 3, 2015:
Holyoke Council to consider ballot questions to increase terms, change mayor to city manager

February 11, 2015:
Holyoke residents discuss city issues in citizens forum

January 26, 2015:
Holyoke City Treasurer Jon Lumbra submits resignation effective Feb. 13

January 21, 2015:
Holyoke City Treasurer Jon Lumbra says he will resign by Feb. 14

January 20, 2015:
Holyoke Council opts against immediate slashing of Treasurer Jon Lumbra's pay by $50,000 with committee referral

January 16, 2015:
Holyoke to begin seeking buyer for former Geriatric Authority

January 14, 2015:
Holyoke police called to deal with homeless-family issues at Holyoke Hotel slightly less in 2014 than 2013

January 12, 2015:
Holyoke Council wants Treasurer Jon Lumbra paid only for hours worked

January 7, 2015:
Holyoke voters to consider nonbinding ballot questions on City Council size, switch from mayor to city manager

December 23, 2014:
Holyoke Officer John DiNapoli would prefer the 300 people at candlelight vigil instead be celebrating, daughter JoBeth DiNapoli says

December 19, 2014:
Holyoke police supervisors president Fred Seklecki 2nd union head in week to criticize councilors Jossie Valentin, Rebecca Lisi for march

December 17, 2014:
Holyoke Council sets tax rate that favors home over business owners

December 17, 2014:
Holyoke City Council resolves 12-1 to call the Christmas tree at City Hall a 'Christmas tree'

December 16, 2014:
Holyoke patrol union president Ed Moskal criticizes councilors Rebecca Lisi, Jossie Valentin participation in march that included 'antipolice' chants

December 10, 2014:
Holyoke City Treasurer Jon Lumbra's work arrangement clashes with views of some Councilors

December 10, 2014:
Holyoke Council Ordinance Committee votes 3-2 to block Christmas tree discussion, but Councilor Dan Bresnahan vows to continue

December 9, 2014:
Holyoke Board of Assessors sets public hearing on tax classification

December 2, 2014:
Holyoke Council Finance Committee recommends rejection of Mayor Alex Morse plan to use $700,000 from reserves to balance budget

November 30, 2014:
Holyoke Council Finance Committee readies debate on $5.5 million in proposed transfers with new tax rate imminent

November 20, 2014:
Holyoke Councilors to debate $5.5 million in proposed transfers, from rainy day fund to court settlement to snow-removal costs

November 14, 2014:
Homeless Hotels Continue to See Problems

November 11, 2014:
Holyoke hotels and motels that house homeless families and show problems could be required to hire police as security

November 11, 2014:
Veterans Day 2014: Tom Paul, Holyoke veteran of the year

October 27, 2014:
Holyoke Councilors want documentation about library leak repairs after $14.5 million renovation

October 23, 2014:
Holyoke City Council overrides Mayor Alex Morse veto, and the debate about public art keeps going

October 22, 2014:
Holyoke City Council wants report showing if elected, appointed officials owe taxes, utility bills

October 2, 2014:
Holyoke has 191 homeless families living in hotels, but an official said state also tries to help people avoid that arrangement

September 19, 2014:
WWLP Ch. 22 Video - Holyoke residents voice concerns over homeless hotels

September 18, 2014:
Holyoke homeless-in-hotels burden unlikely to change soon, legislators tell councilors

September 16, 2014:
Holyoke Ward 5 Councilor Linda Vacon sets forum to discuss intersection project, Gary Rome proposal, homeless in hotels

September 15, 2014:
Holyoke Council committee to get update about issues like water-sewer merger, homeless in hotels, liquor licenses

September 5, 2014:
Ex-Holyoke solicitor Heather Egan could seek job with city but only after Mayor Alex Morse gone

September 3, 2014:
Holyoke code inspectors would visit hotel that houses homeless families; such hotels might be required to hire security: Councilors

September 2, 2014:
Holyoke Council wants state legislators to help with problems of homeless living in hotels

August 28, 2014:
Heather Egan agreement with Holyoke: State orders release of details to The Republican/MassLive

August 25, 2014:
Holyoke councilors lament number of police calls to hotels-motels housing homeless

August 5, 2014:
Holyoke would permit medical marijuana facility by City Council special permit under new vote

August 5, 2014:
Holyoke City Council, Mayor Alex Morse discuss Geriatric Authority in closed-door meeting; just an update, officials say

August 5, 2014:
Holyoke City Council votes merely to receive law firm's exit letter in relation to Heather Egan exit agreement

August 5, 2014:
Holyoke Council tees up agenda: 4 Heather Egan-related orders, 1 on medical marijuana, 1 for $1.45 million to raze building

August 1, 2014:
Holyoke License Commission restores Double Six bar's liquor license, but more scrutiny, possible sanctions to come

July 29, 2014:
Holyoke councilors clash about adding new post of licensing inspector

July 23, 2014:
Holyoke council committee to consider $1.45 million to raze the breaking-apart Essex House on High Street

July 22, 2014:
Holyoke survey shows open space preferred use for Whiting Farms Rd. site, followed by mixed retail

July 22, 2014:
Holyoke survey results to be aired for Whiting Farms Rd. site once desired by Walmart, Lowe's

July 17, 2014:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board votes to seek buyers for closed nursing home, won't appeal bankruptcy dismissal

June 29, 2014:
Holyoke planners will take survey answers on Whiting Farms Road property until July 7

June 24, 2014:
Holyoke patrol union head Ed Moskal calls council President Kevin Jourdain 'windbag,' Jourdain vows won't be intimidated by 'union thug'

June 20, 2014:
Holyoke council-mayor clash over $45,000 Heather Egan agreement yielded revelations amid the frustration

June 18, 2014:
Holyoke City Council strikes $45,000 blow 'for taxpayers' in response to Heather Egan payment; cuts $457,000 from budget

June 17, 2014:
Holyoke City Council will decide how much to cut from Mayor Alex Morse's proposed $125.5 million budget

June 13, 2014:
Holyoke councilors ask Mayor Alex Morse to lift 'veil of secrecy,' but Morse says councilors trying to goad city into liability

June 12, 2014:
Holyoke taxpayers kept in dark by city as released records fail to show why former solicitor Heather Egan got $45,000

June 3, 2014:
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse to address City Council on ex-solicitor Heather Egan's $45,000 exit agreement

May 28, 2014:
Holyoke councilors thwarted in questioning Springfield lawyer Meghan Sullivan about Heather Egan $45,000 buyout

April 24, 2014:
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, Councilor Linda Vacon clash on police 'Quinn Bill' funding, other budget issues

April 22, 2014:
Holyoke rules for use of municipal vehicles could be tightened by City Council after arrest, unauthorized use of mayor's car

April 14, 2014:
Holyoke Finance Committee to debate meals tax, charging municipal officials for taking home city vehicles

April 11, 2014:
Holyoke considers adopting meals tax, and restaurants and officials line up on both sides

March 24, 2014:
Ch. 40 - State’s Dept. of Public Health to Help Geriatric Authority Until Facility Closes

March 18, 2014:
Patients from Holyoke Geriatric Authority heading to homes in Holyoke and Westfield

March 18, 2014:
Holyoke residents criticize City Council, Planning Board for denying zone change they wanted to reduce traffic

March 12, 2014:
WWLP - Holyoke City Councilors to discuss travel policy

March 12, 2014:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board discusses seeking loan, becoming funded city dept.; mayor, City Council president: not going to happen

March 8, 2014:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority OK to close, state says, and informational meeting set for residents, families

March 3, 2014:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board votes 3-2 to contact state and begin closing amid financial problems

March 3, 2014:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board meets with bankruptcy lawyer, considers fund-raising, other options

February 28, 2014:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board has discussed bankruptcy with lawyer and Mayor Alex Morse says sale, receivership, state takeover also possible

February 20, 2014:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board plans special meeting with closed session to discuss 'future' of facility; Patti Devine resigns

February 5, 2014:
Holyoke City Council fails to establish regulations to govern medical marijuana facility, which is coming, regulations or not

January 31, 2014:
Massachusetts grants 20 medical marijuana licenses, but only 2 in Western Massachusetts

January 29, 2014:
Holyoke Morgan School placed under control of receiver, Project GRAD USA, because most students have trouble reading, writing, doing math

January 14, 2014:
Holyoke public hearings to continue on regulating medical marijuana shop, zone change on Whiting Farms Road

January 4, 2014:
Holyoke residents try to protect neighborhoods with upcoming hearings for zone changes, which property owners consider restrictive

December 17, 2013:
Holyoke City Council sets residential tax rate of $19.05, commercial rate of $39.75

December 14, 2013:
Holyoke City Council OKs taking $790,000 from emergency fund to balance budget; tax rate expected to be finalized Tuesday

December 10, 2013:
Holyoke sets public hearing on zone change for site formerly proposed for a Big Y

December 9, 2013:
Holyoke needle exchange program praised as effective, blamed as causing discarded syringes by speakers during hearing

December 8, 2013:
Holyoke sets public hearing on needle exchange program

December 4, 2013:
Holyoke City Council defeats proposal to increase sewer rate

November 26, 2013:
Holyoke public hearing set on proposal to change zone of Whiting Farms Road land once eyed by Walmart, Lowe's

November 26, 2013:
Holyoke tax and sewer rate decisions loom as property values and free cash diminish

November 21, 2013:
Holyoke City Council seeks legal advice on its role if Geriatric Authority is sold

November 20, 2013:
Needle Exchange Debate Reignites; Holyoke City Council Delays Vote

November 19, 2013:
Holyoke council committee to schedule public hearing on needle exchange

November 19, 2013:
Holyoke City Council Finance Committee reviews appropriation requests

November 17, 2013:
Holyoke City Council to consider needle exchange, sewer rate, how to sell Geriatric Authority

November 13, 2013:
Holyoke Ward 5 Councilor Linda Vacon sets thank-you reception, issues forum

November 1, 2013:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority discusses possible sale of 45 Lower Westfield Road campus with Tryko Partners of New Jersey

October 31, 2013:
Holyoke Ward 5 Councilor Linda Vacon vows to keep battling needle exchange

October 19, 2013:
Moose on the Loose in Holyoke

September 26, 2013:
State audit finds Holyoke Geriatric Authority mismanaged funds, missed revenue chances; new authority leadership commended

August 28, 2013:
Holyoke Sewer Rate Increase Proposal
Ch. 40 News

August 18, 2013:
Holyoke plan for 4 restaurants, 2 hotels replacing Holiday Inn and Friendly's continues before Planning Board

August 13, 2013:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority plan to lease space for detention facility for low-risk males unresolved after public hearing

August 4, 2013:
Holyoke Walmart controversy in line with retailer's record of pleasing and angering the masses

August 2, 2013:
Holyoke City Council OK's taking land to widen Homestead Avenue-Lower Westfield Road intersection

August 2, 2013:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority to offer open houses on plan for Gandara Center to lease space to house low-risk young males awaiting court

July 16, 2013:
Holyoke voters likely to face crowded 2013 preliminary election ballot with races for mayor, clerk, City Council, School Committee

July 12, 2013:
Redevelopment Committee mulls eminent domain

July 10, 2013:
Holyoke City Solicitor Heather Egan declines to issue a formal opinion about the residency of mayor candidates

July 1, 2013:
Holyoke City Solicitor Heather Egan to issue opinion about residency that could thwart candidates challenging Mayor Alex Morse

July 1, 2013:
Holyoke Solicitor Heather Egan, Mayor Alex Morse criticized for effect of residency rule interpretation on rivals

June 25, 2013:
Holyoke Councilor Gordon Alexander's share-pain bid to cut councilors' pay goes down

June 19, 2013:
Holyoke Council defeats bid to cut $200,000 from police Quinn Bill incentives

June 18, 2013:
Big Y Foods reevaluating Holyoke store in wake of Walmart supercenter announcemement

June 15, 2013:
Holyoke property taxes to be determined by City Council vote on mayor's $123.6 million budget proposal

June 11, 2013:
Holyoke taxpayers can expect pension costs for city retirees to keep rising

June 5, 2013:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority again frustrating councilors after city forced to pay $146,000 in health insurance

June 4, 2013:
Holyoke City Council President Kevin Jourdain tells police options painful: layoffs, using up emergency fund, more taxes

May 29, 2013:
Holyoke councilors question Mayor Alex Morse about police spending, which Morse defends as necessary

May 23, 2013:
Holyoke talking with developer about large retail store on Whiting Farms Road

May 16, 2013:
Holyoke $16 million retail project with Big Y still set for construction to begin in 2014

May 15, 2013:
Holyoke McDonald's would get extra drive-through lane under plan councilors support

May 14, 2013:
Holyoke City Council to question financial officials about money projected to come in, go out at hearing on $123.6 million budget

May 13, 2013:
Holyoke City Hall basement rest rooms will be available by requested key after complaints about drug use, sex, blood

April 30, 2013:
Holyoke Councilor Linda Vacon to hold forum on traffic, Big Y project, other issues

April 25, 2013:
Drug use, spilled blood, sex mean Holyoke City Hall bathrooms would be locked with keys

February 19, 2013:
Holyoke to pay $60,000 to settle suit filed by fired employee Donna Dowdall in split City Council vote

February 6, 2013:
Holyoke City Council hears foes and supporters of nonbinding casino question headed for Nov. 5 ballot

January 24, 2013:
Holyoke City Council Finance Committee recommends rejecting settlement of $60,000 to end suit from fired employee

January 17, 2013:
Holyoke to consider nonbinding question on needle exchange on Nov. 5 election ballot

October 11, 2012:
Alex Morse - NO DICE - A casino would hurt, not help, Holyoke’s economic redevelopment efforts

November 24, 2012:
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse to announce casino resort plan for Mountain Park with Eric Suher

December 13, 2012:
Holyoke Mayor Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse's flirtation with casino issue ends as he declares he is back to 'No' on gaming

January 16, 2013:
Holyoke City Council votes to put nonbinding casino gambling referendum before voters

January 9, 2013:
Holyoke Councilor Linda Vacon sets forum for residents to air views on proposed Big Y, traffic, other issues

January 8, 2013:
Holyoke School Committee shuns Cesar Lopez' attempt to change how school assemblies are held as Gay Straight Alliance event set

January 4, 2013:
Holyoke municipal workers would get criminal background checks under proposal from Councilor Linda Vacon

December 30, 2012:
Property tax abatement workship to be held at Holyoke Community College

December 12, 2012:
Holyoke councilors still deciding about discipline of assessors over Macy's tax dispute, one assessor's certification

December 5, 2012:
Holyoke's new tax rate is $18.35 for residential property, $39.97 for business property

December 5, 2012:
Holyoke councilors will consider whether to discipline assessors over tax dispute with Macy's that cost $956,420

November 29, 2012:
Holyoke needle exchange ruling has councilors saying their authority supported, mayor glad injunction denied

November 29, 2012:
Hampden Superior Court Justice Richard Carey denies preliminary injunction against Holyoke's needle exchange program

November 20, 2012:
Holyoke City Council to discuss budget transfers, possible cuts with setting of new tax rate soon to follow

November 17, 2012:
Holyoke councilors seek to define legal work of solicitor as President Kevin Jourdain, Mayor Alex Morse clash

November 7, 2012:
Holyoke officials debate using $500,000 from free cash to avoid $40 business tax rate

October 18, 2012:
Holyoke City Council committee to discuss banning elected officials from holding other elected offices

October 17, 2012:
Holyoke's needle exchange lives for at least another week as court hearing seeking halt postponed

October 15, 2012:
Holyoke City Council files lawsuit against Mayor Alex Morse over approval of needle exchange

October 27, 2012:
Holyokers consider state representative candidates Jerome Hobert, Linda Vacon and Aaron Vega

October 24, 2012:
5th Hampden District candidates Aaron Vega, Linda Vacon, Jerome Hobert debate ways to attract business to Holyoke, improve education

October 13, 2012:
Holyoke City Council will hold public hearing on sewer issues amid chance of rate increase

October 10, 2012:
Holyoke councilors debate solutions to rising costs including higher sewer fee, imposing stormwater tax

October 1, 2012:
Holyoke Finance Committee supports spending $323,532 for 8 new police cars, including 7 cruisers

September 30, 2012:
Viewpoint: Charter schools essential to Western Massachusetts’ future

September 27, 2012:
Holyoke hearing on state review of proposal for traffic improvements draws 50 people

September 14, 2012:
Holyoke councilors, mayor debate raise for Treasurer Jon Lumbra

September 9, 2012:
Holyoke pays Macy's $960,000 after assessors overvalued store, resulting in 3 years overtaxation

September 6, 2012:
Holyoke state rep race will include Councilor Linda Vacon as Republican nominee as she secures write-in win

September 5, 2012:
Holyoke City Council OKs up to $1,000 in tax help for veterans (Valor Act, sponsored by Linda Vacon) & establishes process to auction properties

September 4, 2012:
Holyoke Big Y project still set for construction to begin in spring and take 7 months

August 15, 2012:
CBS3 Video: Board of Health votes to permit Holyoke needle exchange program

August 13, 2012:
Holyoke Board of Health to reconsider needle exchange with potential legal clash looming

August 8, 2012:
Holyoke needle exchange program an attempt to bypass proper authority, city councilors say

Read Injunction Here

August 7, 2012:
State auditors begin reviewing whether Holyoke Geriatric Authority uses proper controls over revenue and spending

August 6, 2012:
Holyoke City Council back in business with triple-digit agenda including needle exchange, veterans issues

August 3, 2012:
Holyoke Board of Health must hold another needle exchange meeting because 1st was improper, solicitor says

August 3, 2012:
Holyoke Council President Kevin Jourdain alleges Open Meeting Law violation on needle exchange vote

July 31, 2012:
Holyoke's top officials disagree whether City Council approval required for needle exchange program

July 31, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority OKs payment plan as Mayor Alex Morse says plan 'unsatisfactory' and facility faces hard decisions

July 18, 2012:
New needle exchange program in Holyoke invalid, City Council President Kevin Jourdain says

June 27, 2012:
Holyoke Council approves $43,000 salary for new position of creative economy coordinator

June 20, 2012:
Holyoke City Councilor Linda Vacon to run write-in bid as Republican for state representative

June 20, 2012:
Holyoke City Council hands victory to Mayor Alex Morse by voting 11-4 for arts director

June 20, 2012:
Holyoke City Council preserves police, fire budgets in approving Mayor Alex Morse's $124 million spending plan

June 14, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority pays $89,000 in move called good first step but much more debt remains

June 5, 2012:
Holyoke City Council seeks help for veterans by proposing partnership between Geriatric Authority, Soldiers' Home

May 31, 2012:
Holyoke councilors fault proposed $250,000 Lynch School lease as bad deal

May 30, 2012:
Holyoke's next budget of $124.4 million could force nearly 70 school layoffs; police Quinn Bill pay could be on line

May 26, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority to pay city $89,000, enter plan to repay $465,000 in worker-retirement costs

May 22, 2012:
Holyoke proposal for coordinator of arts, culture wins councilors' support but also raises questions

May 15, 2012:
Holyoke City Council has 45 days to consider, possibly cut Mayor Alex Morse's proposed $124.4 million budget

May 15, 2012:
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse to present budget of $124.4 million, up from current $120 million

May 5, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board, City Councilors agree to seek state audit of agency

April 25, 2012:
Former Holyoke councilor Patricia Devine voted new chairwoman of Geriatric Authority board after resignations of Steve Kravetz, John Counter

April 24, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board could experience more than 1 change at next meeting

April 16, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric board candidates pitch medical background, skills to help the nursing home

April 11, 2012:
Holyoke City Council to interview 5 candidates for Geriatric Authority board opening

April 5, 2012:
Girl Scouts break ground on service center

April 3, 2012:
Holyoke City Council delays early vote on proposal to increase mayor's term from 2 to 4 years

March 31, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority meeting abruptly canceled; city solicitor says Helen Arnold ineligible to participate in meetings

March 27, 2012:
Holyoke City Council punts on $344,000 transfer for schools, will try again next month

March 22, 2012:
Holyoke Planning Board approves $16 million retail project including a Big Y supermarket

March 20, 2012:
Holyoke Big Y site plan approved

March 18, 2012:
Holyoke officials disagree whether city should pay full Quinn Bill costs for police after court rules it unnecessary

March 12, 2012:
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse close to appointing task force to address Geriatric Authority woes

March 7, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority lawyer to confer with state Ethics Commission on eligibility of former councilor Patricia Devine for board position

March 1, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority employees and care praised, its board and financial troubles criticized

March 1, 2012:
Holyoke Planning Board meeting on $16 million Big Y project postponed

March 1, 2012:
Holyoke senior citizens work for tax credit program expands

February 21, 2012:
Holyoke City Council approves Elizabeth Rodriguez-Ross as city solicitor; sends second mayoral request back to committee

February 20, 2012:
Holyoke Planning Board closes public hearing after 10 hours on $16 million project that will include Big Y

February 14, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board finally meets, argues, holds closed-door meeting for more than an hour

February 12, 2012:
Holyoke councilors pepper acting personnel director Adam Pudelko and acting solicitor Elizabeth Rodriguez-Ross with questions

February 7, 2012:
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse to appoint task force to deal with Geriatric Authority issues

February 7, 2012:
Massachusetts election office clears Holyoke Geriatric Authority officials in Elaine Pluta complaint

February 4, 2012:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority board, turns out, won't have Donald Welch as a member

February 2, 2012:
Holyoke wonders: When will the Geriatric Authority board next meet?

January 28, 2012:
Holyoke public hearing on $16 million Big Y mini-plaza will resume for a third night

January 24, 2012:
Traffic big concern at Holyoke hearing on proposed $16 million Big Y mini-plaza

January 21, 2012:
Holyoke awaits first meeting of Geriatric Authority board with new member Donald Welch

January 18, 2012:
Holyoke considers $16 million Big Y project: jobs and tax revenue vs. traffic and possible fast-food drive-up window

December 24, 2011:
Holyoke City Council fail to override mayor's veto on tax rate

December 21, 2011:
Holyoke Mayor Elaine Pluta vetoes City Council tax rate as unfair to homeowners; veto prompts tax-bill scheduling problems

December 21, 2011:
Holyoke solar power project, among largest in New England, starts up

December 20, 2011:
Holyoke homeowners' tax bills going up 11 percent on average; commercial rate lowered

December 12, 2011:
Holyoke officials urged to cut business taxes and pursue revenue from tax-exempt groups

December 7, 2011:
Holyoke City Council reluctantly OKs transfer to pay Geriatric Authority bills

December 6, 2011:
Holyoke city councilors' frustration growing over $465,000 in unpaid Geriatric Authority bills

November 22, 2011:
Holyoke city councilors want to consult attorney general, district attorney about Geriatric Authority

November 9, 2011:
Holyoke City Council to get six new members, but much turnover due to incumbents not seeking reelection

November 5, 2011:
Curbside debris collection starts Monday in Holyoke

November 5, 2011:
Holyoke voters face Election Day ballot question on whether to establish new city charter

November 5, 2011:
Holyoke voters have School Committee races, but most incumbents unopposed

October 12, 2011:
Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce endorses ballot question to establish new city charter

October 7, 2011:
Holyokers to get mailings about city charter ballot question, despite officials' squabbles

October 6, 2011:
Holyoke taxpayers face paying an additional $465,000 in costs because Geriatric Authority unable to make payments

October 5, 2011:
Holyoke City Council seeks property tax and other economic-impact details of proposed $500 million casino

September 6, 2011:
Holyoke City Council deals with casino-related items, including plans for a public hearing about Wyckoff Country Club

August 15, 2011:
Holyoke Treasurer Jon Lumbra commended by inspector general for improving management

August 9, 2011:
Holyoke Retirement Board could opt to put delinquent Geriatric Authority costs on taxpayers

July 26, 2011:
Holyoke filing deadline yields preliminary elections for mayor and Ward 7 Council

July 14, 2011:
Holyoke Mayor Elaine Pluta wants to sell Geriatriac Authority

July 14, 2011:
Holyoke adopts residency rule for Fire Department employees

June 21, 2011:
Holyoke School Committee approves spending plan of $88.2 million

June 16, 2011:
Holyoke redistricting plan would move 1,200 to different wards

June 7, 2011:
Holyoke City Council grants zone change for proposed $16 million Big Y project

May 28, 2011:
Holyoke sets public hearing on redistricting proposals

May 27, 2011:
Holyoke Ward 5 City Councilor Linda Vacon announces reelection campaign

May 26, 2011:
Holyoke gives a largely welcoming response to a plan for a Big Y store

May 21, 2011:
Holyoke City Council approves increase in senior citizens' tax break

May 19, 2011:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority at center of another dispute

May 17, 2011:
Debt in dispute

May 11, 2011:
Councilors to examine Pluta's city budget

May 8, 2011:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority battle has residents stuck in the middle

May 6, 2011:
Holyoke could be getting a Big Y supermarket near the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside

April 23, 2011:
Holyoke computing center partner Cisco Systems declares commitment regardless of problems

April 23, 2011:
Holyoke planners to begin reviewing 90,000-square-foot plan for the high performance computing center

April 20, 2011:
Charter commission fumes at being unable to do its desired ward plan

April 14, 2011:
Benefits touted of solar plan

March 30, 2011:
Holyoke commission urges passage of new charter to modernize government

March 15, 2011:
'Tax Squad' to find ways to lower taxes

March 15, 2011:
David Guzman named new Holyoke tax collector

March 14, 2011:
Holyoke city councilors left without answers regarding Geriatric Authority finances

March 13, 2011:
Holyoke Councilor Donald Welch moves to force Geriatric Authority to pay $2.84 million owed to city

March 15, 2011:
David Guzman named new Holyoke tax collector

March 14, 2011:
Holyoke city councilors left without answers regarding Geriatric Authority finances

March 13, 2011:
Holyoke Councilor Donald Welch moves to force Geriatric Authority to pay $2.84 million owed to city

March 12, 2011:
Holyoke could be seeing the first change in decades in the tax collector's office

March 8, 2011:
Holyoke city councilors zero in on a tax collector after interviewing 11 candidates

March 8, 2011:
Holyoke Mayor Elaine Pluta names task force to find ways to reduce property taxes

March 7, 2011:
A roast honoring retiring Holyoke Police Chief Anthony Scott will be held at the MassMutual Center

March 3, 2011:
City charter plans made for Holyoke

March 2, 2011:
Collector faces residency rule

March 2, 2011:
Geriatric Authority's outstanding bills trying the patience of Mayor Elaine Pluta and other officials

February 18, 2011:
April 1 deadline for outstanding tax liens no joke

February 12, 2011:
Duties that are the responsibility of the Holyoke treasurer are mistakenly listed under tax collector in ad error

February 2, 2011:
Holyoke Collector Robert Kane said city councilors have no reason to question his ability to do the job with integrity

February 1, 2011:
Holyoke City Council to advertise for tax collector; Robert Kane keeps position until new hire finalized

January 31, 2011:
Rules squabbles send Holyoke city councilors into circles on whether to reappoint Tax Collector

January 20, 2011:
Holyoke government could change in numerous ways under charter study proposals

January 13, 2011:
Hearing on plans to change Holyoke government draws 50 people

January 8, 2011:
Holyoke charter commission considers reducing size of City Council, increasing length of mayor’s term

January 1, 2011:
Holyoke to teach property owners how to file for tax abatements

December 12, 2010:
Holyoke DPW gets national "Distinguished Infrastructure Award"

December 10, 2010:
City of Holyoke, tax collector Robert Kane and former Mayor Michael Sullivan sued by fired employee Jacquelynne Williams

December 9, 2010:
Holyoke raises property taxes as councilors Joe McGiverin and Kevin Jourdain spar and then apologize to each other

December 8, 2010:
Holyoke saves on bond costs

December 8, 2010:
Holyoke home and business owners all will get higher bills under the new tax rate

December 5, 2010:
Holyoke to set city's tax rates

November 12, 2010:
Sewer fee increase 'unacceptable'

November 10, 2010:
Holyoke sewer rate would jump 18.5 percent under plan that gets ridiculed

November 9, 2010:
Holyoke Charter Commission eyes plan to reduce size of city council from 15 to 11 members

October 29, 2010:
Holyoke Councilor Kevin Jourdain says a discussion about the sewer rate doesn't necessarily mean the rate will increase

October 15, 2010:
Filtration looms for water system Holyoke water facing filtration

October 8, 2010:
Holyoke councilors say no to responsible employer ordinance

August 17, 2010:
Holyoke officials seek ruling on whether text messaging during meetings violates Massachusetts' Open Meeting Law

August 10, 2010:
Holyoke officials, merchants discuss anticipated benefits of state's planned high performance computing center

August 9, 2010:
Mastex selected for computing center (Ch. 22)

August 4, 2010:
Holyoke City Council approves agreement for $14.5 million library project

August 4, 2010:
Council to weigh limits on texting

July 30, 2010:
Holyoke's $10.1 million 'rainy day fund' good news for taxpayers, Mayor Elaine Pluta says

July 29, 2010:
No decision yet on research site

July 21, 2010:
Holyoke City Council delays agreement to take library ownership

July 20, 2010:
Council faces packed agenda

July 18, 2010:
Massachusetts casinos contenders list now includes Wyckoff Country Club in Holyoke

July 10, 2010:
Charter study committee approved by state

July 8, 2010:
Council targets nursing home The bottom line is the taxpayers of Holyoke are subsidizing the Geriatric Authority

July 7, 2010:
Council president defends schedule

June 26, 2010:
Holyoke high performance computing center location decision might be delayed

June 23, 2010:
Holyoke slates library takeover

June 23, 2010:
Holyoke City Council approves Mayor Elaine Pluta's $117 million budget

June 22, 2010:
Holyoke OKs school budget

June 22, 2010:
Auditor wants accountability

June 20, 2010:
Holyoke chicken plan on back burner

June 15, 2010:
Schools struggle with cuts

June 15, 2010:
Holyoke City Council to vote on $117 million budget that's $1.7 million less than current budget

June 8, 2010:
Holyoke chicken issue lives on: City Council Ordinance Committee rejects proposal, but proponents vow new one

June 8, 2010:
HCC road plan moves ahead

June 7, 2010:
Controversial Holyoke chicken plan set for City Council debate

June 4, 2010 - Holyoke Sun:
City honors veterans with ceremony

June 2, 2010:
Problem-free budget hearing occurs between Holyoke Police Chief Anthony Scott and the City Council

June 2, 2010:
Council reviews police budget

June 1, 2010:
Holyoke feral cats ordinance proposal tabled at City Council meeting

June 1, 2010:
Computing center site in Holyoke will be decided in July, Boston University

June 1, 2010:
Holyoke feral cats plan up for vote by full City Council

May 26, 2010:
Holyoke celebrates Nightingale, nurses
See Springfield Republican photo

May 24, 2010:
Holyoke councilors begin hearings on Mayor Elaine Pluta's $117 million budget

May 24, 2010:
Holyoke councilors ready to regulate the feeding of feral cats

May 21, 2010
Holyoke Sun:
City councilors help with Scott Tower cleanup,
Library expansion plans

May 19, 2010:
Holyoke Geriatric Authority faces tough financial questions from City Council

May 18, 2010:
Holyoke debates morality, quality life issues in dealing with feral cats

May 12, 2010:
Holyoke Charter Commission hopes special legislation will allow it to hire consultant in study of city government

May 11, 2010:
Holyoke Police Chief Anthony Scott announces plan to retire

May 8, 2010:
Holyoke City Council completed marathon debate before approving borrowing for library renovation

Apr. 29, 2010:
Holyoke Mayor Elaine Pluta preparing $140 million budget

Apr. 27, 2010:
Deadlines loom for school plans

Apr. 27, 2010:
Chicken debate on back burner

Apr. 25, 2010:
Holyoke awaits audit decision

Apr. 25, 2010:
Council to vote on fate of library

Apr. 21, 2010:
Holyoke votes mean chickens and cats will remain debate topics

Apr. 20, 2010:
Controversy continues over proposed ordinance to allow keeping of backyard chickens in Holyoke

Apr. 19, 2010:
Deadline nears for vote on Holyoke charter review commission

Apr. 18, 2010:
Computer center tax payments unclear

Apr. 11, 2010:
Open Square and the former Mastex Industries Inc. facility named as 'finalist' sites for Holyoke's high performance computing center

Apr. 8, 2010:
Holyoke charter commission votes to seek legislation to give itself authority

Apr. 5, 2010:
Holyoke School Committee adopts additional sex ed program

Mar. 29, 2010:
High performance computing center to be located either at Open Square or former Mastex Corp.

Mar. 24, 2010:
Former worker must repay funds

Mar. 21, 2010:
Holyoke mayor encourages efforts of charter study panel

Mar. 20, 2010:
Holyoke defends its use of $3.87 million in community development money

Mar. 20, 2010:
Holyoke Chamber of Commerce to learn details of high-speed computing center on March 29

Mar. 18, 2010:
Holyoke community development officials say they abided by federal rules despite an audit's findings

Mar. 17, 2010:
Holyoke Councilor John J. O'Neill proposes a new City Council committee be established to handle charter review issues

Mar. 17, 2010:
Audit critical of use of Holyoke's use of $3.87 million in federal money to be reviewed by redevelopment committee

Mar. 16, 2010:
Charter panel awaits its fate

Mar. 11, 2010:
Holyoke charter board asks for legal advice

Mar. 10, 2010:
Much promise, but little news

Mar. 5, 2010:
Charter panel fears for its fate

Mar. 4, 2010:
Charter study commission considers options

Mar. 3, 2010:
Recycling bill splits council

Mar. 1, 2010:
Holyoke debt triggers caution

Feb. 28, 2010:
Holyoke administrator job studied

Feb. 25, 2010:
Holyoke targets deadbeat taxpayers

Feb. 18, 2010:
Site selected for high-performance computing center in Holyoke

Feb. 18, 2010:
Holyoke OKs funds for IRS

Feb. 17, 2010:
Holyoke OK's choice for solicitor

Feb. 14, 2010:
Holyoke council to vote on solicitor

Feb. 11, 2010:
Holyoke fined $48,000 by IRS for failing to file 2006 payroll records

Feb. 9, 2010:
Holyoke officials, Cisco Sytems plan teleconference on collaboration

Feb. 9, 2010:
Holyoke OKs education effort

Feb. 9, 2010:
Holyoke awaits news on center

Feb. 7, 2010:
Charter panel given pep talk

Feb. 4, 2010:
Holyoke library plan reviewed

Feb. 3, 2010:
Tax abatement requests received

Jan. 31, 2010:
Holyoke library plan seeks support

Jan. 26, 2010:
Council chief assigns duties

Jan. 25, 2010:
Parade committee to honor winners

Jan. 22, 2010:
Holyoke City Council considers use of city-sanctioned e-mail system

Jan. 15, 2010:
Treasurer correcting records

Jan. 13, 2010:
Council caught in maze of rules

Jan. 12, 2010:
Computer center force to meet

Jan. 1, 2010:
Mayor-elect makes picks

Dec. 16, 2009:
Holyoke raises rates for taxes
** How They Voted **

Dec. 8, 2009:
Assessors Set Valuations, Tax Burden

Dec. 5, 2009:
Lowes Project on Whiting Farms Road is Dropped

Jun. 11, 2009:
Holyoke to be site of high performance computer center

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