Questions about Property Tax payments made on-line and associated fees?

If you pay your property taxes through the City's website, you will be charged an additional "convenience fee," up to 2.95% more if a credit card is used, and a $.40 fee if they debit your checking account using the E-check (EFT, Electronic Fund Transfer) option.

To avoid paying additional fees, there are a couple of options (other than writing and mailing a check).
  1. Use your personal bank's on-line bill-paying service
  2. Fill out a form at the Tax Collector's Office authorizing the City to directly debit your checking account from that point forward (Web Cash). The debit to your checking account will not be made until 1 or 2 days before the due date.
    • Note, if using the Web cash option, there are a couple of important things to remember:
      1. Make sure your checking account has sufficient funds to cover the tax bill. Otherwise, a $25 fee will be assessed if your account is overdrawn.
      2. If you have set your account up for this type of payment, you still get the bill and there is no reminder included that your account will automatically be debited, so you must remember that you will be paying using this option. Otherwise, you might write a check and end up paying twice!
Please Linda with any other questions: 210-6077 or 533-6498
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