Holyoke Ward 5 Maps
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Official Holyoke Planning Board Ward 5 Map, southern area (278KB file size)
Official Holyoke Planning Board Ward 5 Map, northern area (121KB file size)
Main Ward 5 Map, showing 5A and 5B areas

Where to Vote:
Ward 5A residents vote at the McMahon Elementary School, corner of Homestead Ave., and Kane Rd. Map to McMahon School
Ward 5B residents vote at the Donahue Elementary School, corner of Whiting Farms Rd., and Tokeneke Rd. Map to Donahue School

Detailed maps of the Ward: (unofficial)
  Ward 5A, Apremont Highway to Westfield town line
    Detail, Dupuis Rd. and lower Apremont Hwy. area
  Ward 5A, Rock Valley, County Road
  Ward 5A, Keyes Rd. to Southampton Rd., Mountain Rd.
    Detail, Sequoia Dr., Cypress Rd. area
    Detail, 'Berry Bowl'
  Ward 5A, 5B, Whitney Ave. area
  Ward 5A, 5B, Homestead Ave., Whiting Farms Rd. to Westfield Rd.
    Detail, Upper Whitney Ave., Lynn Ann Dr., Richard Eger Dr.
    Detail, Homestead Ave. from Meadowbrook Rd. to Kane Rd.
    Detail, Homestead Ave. Mayer Dr. to Charles Hill Rd.
    Detail, Sunset Rd. to Sterling Rd.
    Detail, Evergreen St. to Westfield Rd.
    Detail, Gordon Dr. to Farnum Dr.
  Ward 5A, Homestead Ave., HCC, to Cherry St.
    Detail, to Cherry St.

You can help with the accuarcy of these maps. If your house or street appears to be in the wrong precinct, please Contact us.
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